57 Pennies

Today I am looking back at all the work i did in 2016 and there is a standout: the stuff i did for Mandy @ 57 Pennies.  Are the designs masterpieces?  No.  We usually had only a budget of 30 minutes or less per design.  Were they fun?  Yes.  It was my favorite kind of work: where there is a clear vision by the customer and i am given creative freedom.  Were they successful?  Oh yeah!  Almost 1200 pieces sold to date on the 57 Pennies Etsy site.  Thank you, Mandy…and here is wishing you more success in your future ventures!

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One more Facebook Profile pic…

i had some time today to do another Facebook profile pic for a beloved friend of the family.  Today i used a less cartoony  style (but still cartoony!) and created it with a painterly look in Corel Painter.

Facebook Profile pic #3

i have a feeling this may be the last one for a while.  These were fun and a welcome break.  This one is for The BrewDaddy.

Facebook Profile Pic part 2

Another slow morning, so i was able to sneak in another Facebook profile pic illustration for one of Rimshot Graphix’ first customers: Oscar Martinez of the City of Mesquite.  Good Times.

Facebook Portrait Pics

Been a little slow around here so i am having fun with Corel Painter 2017 and making Facebook profile pics for family and friends.  Part of me wishes business would not pick up so i could continue to just draw like i did when i was a kid– but, unfortunately my food and cigar habits requires more cash flow….soon… 🙂

Gilmore Girls Mania!

Backstory:  one of my beloved customers, Mandy, owner of the 57 Pennies store on Etsy, has a good spidey-sense of what is going to be popular.  Some time back she had me create several designs with the Gilmore Girls TV show as the central theme.  Simple, one color prints on quality garments using seemingly obscure (at least, to me) phrases from the show.  They have been selling well but ever since a Gilmore Girl fan festival in Connecticut took place,  where actors from the show were seen on social media posing with fans who were wearing Mandy’s designs, sales have been GREAT.  I’m famous!….sort of…..

Hawaiian Heat

In this day and age of computer generated design it is so refreshing to get a job where all i do is DRAW.  This is an illustration that i just executed for Carmie’s Kitchen, a beloved loyal client that i have been doing illustrations for since….the 90’s?  They are a company that makes spice packets for people who love to cook.  This packet is for their new addition called Hawaiian Heat– the main ingredients being pineapple and habenero peppers.

Throwback: In The Midst

Going Waaay Back

I think i did this tee the first year i worked at a screen printing shop back in the late 80’s.  The design is very linear (a result of my Design education @ Texas Tech) but IMHO has strong color (also a result of my Design education @ Texas Tech).  In The Midst was a band i played drums for;  soon after i joined the bass player left to join some yahoo outfit called The Toadies.  This is a reminder of how easy it is to get photo resource nowadays: i had to take apart a watch and lay the parts on the bed of a stat camera to get the clock elements in this design.  Sentimental, surely, but this may be in my top 5 of all the designs i’ve ever done.(over 16,000 to date)


Throwback: Central Yamaha

Here is another test print i pulled out of the dusty box that was tucked away at my old print shop. This was done in 1990 when fluorescent inks on black tees were very popular. What i would do, like in this case, is use the translucent inks like process inks and create a myriad of colors. This tee here was done with only 4 screens. Florescent inks became popular for a short time a couple of years ago but have already faded out of the market. Too bad. Side note: i looked up the invoice for this job and i did the art for free for a 36 piece order. That was back when i was young and hungry. Now I’m old and hungry. 🙂


Throwback: Little Sister

Recently my dad asked me to come to his building (where my screen printing shop used to be) and clear out a lot of my old junk. One thing i found among the clutter was an old box with some test prints. It was fun to see examples of stuff i did in the late 80’s and early 90’s; back when all of the t-shirt designs i did were hand drawn and hand separated. Here is one i did for the band Little Sister (now Sister 7). It has a funny back story: somewhere in all that detail is a short (and embarrassing) phrase where i state my attractions for the beautiful lead singer (Patrice Pike) in a graphic fashion; confident that no one would ever see it. My blood froze when the band’s manager called me the day after i delivered the order and said he loved the design, and by the way, studied the art and found my message. I was quite relieved when he said that the singer was not upset but found it funny. (Whew!) Side note: i must admit i was proud, but not a little disappointed when i saw that the album art from their album (Live Free Love and Nickel Beer) used my imagery and they had not asked me to do it, but used some other yahoo. 🙂

Official Cough Syrup of the South

I am doing a new line of tee designs for Trenz T-Shirts called Front Porch Originals to hop on the Southern trend in tees.  I love doing work for this client because they have their pulse on what’s popular and are not afraid to take chances.


TDK Safaris

Here is a full page ad i did for TDK Safaris for The Western Journal. Also in the process of updating their website. We are probably about 85% complete with the basics (articles, images, etc)– Now we will begin the process of making their site visible on all social media.


Out With The Old…

Print Something To Be Proud Of!

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