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Free Clipart for Screen Printers 001

Good morning! Here is a first in a series of free clipart available for screen printers.  All of the files will be editable, vector, and in spot color coming at you in a PDF format for PC and Mac users.  All files will be named with searchable keywords so you can...

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Barely Acceptable is Acceptable

For all of my Facebook Friends, stop reading; this is a repost from last week. thinking out loud: more and more people not letting me do their t-shirt designs. Rather, they get their 13 year old nephew to design it on their IPad. They know the design is no good, but...

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Canvas Prints Must Go!

Good morning!  These Canvas Prints are on Sale!  Everything must go -- 10 bucks per. At least for now I do not think i am going to be a vendor at any more local art shows.  I have a couple of pieces here at the shop that i am willing to sell cheap (!) -- even below my...

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Where can I order canvas prints?

From me!  Of all the services i offer, creating canvas prints is probably my favorite. Of course tons of options are available, but my favorite print is to take your favorite photo(s), make desired changes (ex: remove my old boyfriend), make the photo look like it was...

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Get a T-shirt Printed for Less Than you Think

Since the local, brick-and-mortar T-Shirt shop is basically dead, sites like Custom Ink and Zazzle are very popular sources nowadays for people to get their t-shirts printed.  But there is a real good chance you are paying too much. Before you place an order, you may...

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57 Pennies

Today I am looking back at all the work i did in 2016 and there is a standout: the stuff i did for Mandy @ 57 Pennies.  Are the designs masterpieces?  No.  We usually had only a budget of 30 minutes or less per design.  Were they fun?  Yes.  It was my favorite kind of...

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