Good afternoon!

Here is the second in a series of free clipart available for screen printers.  All of the files will be editable, vector, and in spot color coming at you in a PDF format for PC and Mac users.  All files will be named with searchable keywords so you can easily add it to your collection.  Check my blog periodically for new additions.

Although a PayPal link is included for those who want to show their appreciation, it would be even cooler if you sent me your next job!  My diabolical plan is that once you try me out you will be a customer for life (insert evil laugh sound effect here)

If you have any questions and/or want to talk about your next killer t-shirt design, please give me a call at 214-543-7137 or email me here.

I did this design back in 2001 (when Nike’s t-shirt line ruled).  If you like the font it is available on the web for free: it is called Jade Monkey.  I hope you love it!

Download the file by clicking here: oval arrow halftones team design


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