Recently my dad asked me to come to his building (where my screen printing shop used to be) and clear out a lot of my old junk. One thing i found among the clutter was an old box with some test prints. It was fun to see examples of stuff i did in the late 80’s and early 90’s; back when all of the t-shirt designs i did were hand drawn and hand separated. Here is one i did for the band Little Sister (now Sister 7). It has a funny back story: somewhere in all that detail is a short (and embarrassing) phrase where i state my attractions for the beautiful lead singer (Patrice Pike) in a graphic fashion; confident that no one would ever see it. My blood froze when the band’s manager called me the day after i delivered the order and said he loved the design, and by the way, studied the art and found my message. I was quite relieved when he said that the singer was not upset but found it funny. (Whew!) Side note: i must admit i was proud, but not a little disappointed when i saw that the album art from their album (Live Free Love and Nickel Beer) used my imagery and they had not asked me to do it, but used some other yahoo. 🙂

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