Good morning!  These Canvas Prints are on Sale!  Everything must go — 10 bucks per.

At least for now I do not think i am going to be a vendor at any more local art shows.  I have a couple of pieces here at the shop that i am willing to sell cheap (!) — even below my costs.  I mean, c’mon, that’s dirt cheap– i spent more on just the stretcher bars. 🙂

All of them are printed on the best canvas available and are sealed with a hand-painted gel (adds nice texture) that basically makes them bullet-proof.  Suitable for framing or you can just hang them as is (that’s what i do)

All the pieces here are in the 15 inch to 26 inch range.  Good for hanging around the house or the office.

Come by and pick it/them up or i will ship them to you at cost.  Fire me an email @ or gimme a call @ 214-543-7137

below are the available pieces:

rim_rooster      rim_park

rim_field      rim_madame       rim_trees2


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