Since the local, brick-and-mortar T-Shirt shop is basically dead, sites like Custom Ink and Zazzle are very popular sources nowadays for people to get their t-shirts printed.  But there is a real good chance you are paying too much.

Before you place an order, you may want to find your local screen-printer.  It is true, if all you want is 3 t-shirts with 5 colors printed on the front and 6 colors on the back, then the sites i just mentioned might be the way to go.  But this blog post is for the person who is doing an order for their team, school club, family reunion, etc. where the quantity will be 15-36 pieces; perhaps more.

Here is a price comparison:  Custom Ink will do a white t-shirt with a one color print on the front for 12 bucks if you order 12.  One of my top clients would do the same for $4.88 a tee.  Even if the screen printer charged you set-up fees for say, art and shipping, you would still come out ahead.  And let’s face it: if you used one of my clients you have me doing the art -and there is a real good chance i can design a better t-shirt than you can, 🙂

If you live in the Dallas area, some real good printers who have great prices and will do a great job are Southwest Sportswear and Dallas T-Shirt.  True, you will have to pick up the phone and talk to a real person, …but maybe you are into that.

Even better, contact me first and let’s get your custom design hammered down– one that you, and all your peoples will want to wear.  Think of all the kudos you will receive!

Food for thought from your favorite T-shirt artist, – john




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