Illustrations for Pepper Springs packaging.
Owner of Rimshot Graphix

There is a customer of mine, Carmie, of Carmie’s Kitchen (aka Pepper Springs) that i do illustrations for her all-in-one spice packs.  They have slowed down a bit over the years and i do not do as much as i used to for them and i miss it.

The reason why i loved these projects so much is that Carmie let me run with it most of the time.  She trusted me and there was no micro-managing and design by committee.  In this day and age of the PC no one really requests cartoons anymore and that is too bad.  I love doing cartoons.

All of these illustrations were done with a Sharpie except for the eyes.  For some weird reason, i always wanted the eyes to be super-clean- so i would make those in CorelDraw.

“John, We all love it!  It is a go.  Would you please send the finished art work to Kirsten.  I will let her know to look for it.”


I would do the linework and Carmie had an artist that she knew named Kirsten color them.  I didn’t mind because that’s the way my heroes at Marvel Comics did it.

Besides the obvious endeavor to make these look fun, another aspect that needed to be communicated was sort of a Southwest feel.  So i would do small etching effects in the linework – probably added too much time to the overall project, but i like the effect and think it was worth it.

“So here is some nice text here that means absolutely nothing but i like how it makes this blog post seem more important.”


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